d. brian morris, llc

"The Profit Prophet"

For companies with 50 or more employees struggling to maintain competitiveness and spur growth, â€‹we strive to offer "right-fit" solutions that achieve those goals through the identification and implementation of programs that reduce the aggregate costs of business, attract and keep better employees, mitigate risks, and significantly improve the bottom line.

​The difference between greatness and mediocrity is attention to detail.

~ d. brian morris ~

If I can't do what I say I can, then I'm not worth the time.

​...challenge accepted.

~ Brian Morris

D. Brian Morris

Brian brings more than 30 years of business acumen and problem-solving skills to your solutions table.  A highly skilled business analyst with a penchant for discovering root-cause issues that poison your growth model and keep your execs awake at night, he has an uncanny ability to cut through the fog and identify valuable cost- and risk-reducing  programs that ultimately benefit the bottom line and spur growth and expansion. 

Far more than "just another cnsultant," Brian brings a network of strategic alliances representing a plethora of skills and services, all centered around cost reduction, risk mitigation, and compliance requirements.  When fully implemented, the aggregate savings plus the possible addition of grant monies*, often results in 6- or 7-figures in newfound profitability.

It's certainly worth a look.

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​*Availability of grants is analyzed on a case by case basis and is not guaranteed.