Ok, so how does this work?

Step 1 - Discovery

In any endeavor, especially one designed to achieve specific goals, it's important to understand that there must be a plan and every plan -- or should it be, "every successful plan" -- must begin with a clear, no-BS assessment of two primary things:  1. Where are we now? and 2. Where do we want to be by when?

So, first things first: let's talk about that.  We'll do a deep-dive discovery analysis of the status quo -- which is a fancy way of saying, you'll be answering a buttload of questions -- to discover opportunities to generate more profit in 5 areas of concentration 1. Direct Costs, 2. Data Analytics, 3. Work Flow Processes, 4. Risk Mitigation, and 5. Growth Potential.  

Step 2 - Formulate a plan

With the analysis completed, we can plan to capitalize on your strengths, shore up your weaknesses, and identify areas of vulnerabilities and over-expenditures.  And depending on those discoveries, we'll call in specific and specialized  expertise to address those issues and formulate a plan forward.

This is the quintessential "Benefits Guy" differentiator...  Every sales person who walks through your door will do their utmost to convince you that their square peg is perfect for your round hole and will have a thousand reasons why.  We won't do that.  Instead, we'll identify the right solutions for your issues, and we'll call upon specific resources that bring top-tier, Best-In-Practice, service capabilities.  And all of that without you ever having to hear the first "square-peg" sales pitch.

These are some of the things we'll address in your plan:

  • What are the specific goals for the company?
  • What is the desired timeline to reach those goals?
  • How are you currently positioned in the marketplace?  ...and where should​ you be? 
  • What stumbling blocks are in your way?
  • What type of data are you collecting, and is it useful?
  • Where can deep data analysis help find answers to plaguing questions and issues?
  • How does money flow in and out?
  • Where are the pinch-points in workflow processes, and what can be done to eliminate them?
  • Are there any issues with recruiting and retention of quality employees?
  • What is the owner's (and/or executives') exit/retirement strategy?
  • Is the company ripe for acquisition? ..or, conversely, is it looking to acquire others?
  • Does the company's 401k plan align to the goals established by the company in such a manner as to inspire goal-oriented behavior from the employees?
  • What is the status of the employee benefit package?  Are you paying too much, and how does it align with company recruiting & retention needs?
  • What is the status of the company's safety risk?  And how can we best mitigate that?
  • Is there any unknown liability? 
  • et cetera...

Step 3 - Execute the plan

Now that we've finished the deep dive and identified the path forward, all you need do from there is follow the [planned] path toward your goals.  It's pretty much that simple.  And if you get stuck, you'll already have the resources in place to "un-stick" you!

Step 4 - Follow-up and adjust as often as needed

Most folks know that the most constant thing in the universe is change.  That said, sometimes adjustments have to be made... markets change, laws change, compliance rules change, employee morale changes, competition changes, et cetera, et cetera...  And the last thing you need is for one or more of those changes to adversely affect your bottom line. 

How do we guard against that?  We start again. 

Each year, we perform a brand new analysis to ensure we're still on track and make any necessary  course-corrections.  If the current cadre of "experts" isn't working or is no longer the "right fit," we phase them out and bring in new ones.  

Bottom line: you'll have an un-biased, cost-free partner, looking out for your best interest.  And if we've done the job right, you will have put an aggregate of 6 or 7 figures back to your bottom line through direct cost savings, analytics, financial structuring, and attributable growth. 

Are you ready?  Call 727-492-9960.  Let's talk...

For any businesss struggling to maintain competitiveness and spur growth, â€‹we strive to offer "right-fit" solutions that achieve those goals through the identification and implementation of programs that reduce the aggregate costs of business, attract and retain better employees, improve workflow, mitigate risk, and significantly improve the bottom line.

​The difference between greatness and mediocrity is attention to detail.

~ d. brian morris ~

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